Solvenz is a Global Investment Firm with Sustainable Finance Investment Platforms Developed for Mainstream and Alternative Asset Classes

Creating Strategic Partnerships Within The Value Chain

Solvenz has invested in highly accretive and mutually beneficial partnerships formed on the basis of alignment and synergetic objectives since 2002. What began as a family office private venture in the financial and insurance markets of Europe has grown exponentially across the region and continues to expand globally in size, scale, and diversity. Paramount to the efficacy of our investment portfolio is the utilization of tailored financial instruments that add belts and suspenders to our investments and commercial finance platforms which translates to risk-averse growth with added flexibility as opposed to opportunistic pricing valuations and counterintuitive conditionality while at the same time maintaining a highly competitive market presence.

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Investing Responsibly 2

Investing Responsibly

We believe that being an active, engaged and responsible owner and investor empowers us to enhance the long-term, sustainable performance of our portfolio. We believe that the proper disclosure and consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities by the companies or countries in which we are invested is critical to strengthening the overall performance of our portfolio with an ongoing commitment to ESG best practices.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

With a niche in creating de-risked investments and lending structures, we own a solid track record as a lead developer of micro longevity reinsurance, special purpose monoline insurance, financial instruments, and bespoke energy lending insurance products underwritten by the top Insurers and Reinsurers that support the long term objectives and the ongoing programmatic nature of Solvenz' direct investment and finance platforms.

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Addressing the oil and gas industry’s Well Plug and Abandon liability in the United States of America, estimated at $280 billion dollars.

Exclusive Insurance coverages with key features that include...

Press & Notes

Solvenz Leads the Charge With Energy Efficient Data Centers Setting New Standards in Sustainability and Supply Chain Excellence | Newswire

PRESS RELEASE • MAR 14, 2024 U.S.-based Solvenz announces the development of three state-of-the-art data centers with a mark-to-market valuation of $4.05Bn. HOUSTON, March 14, 2024 ( – U.S.-based Solvenz announces the development of three state-of-the-art data centers with a projected mark-to-market valuation of $4.05Bn. This will mark the beginning of a series of planned eco-friendly data centers…

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Press Release: Assured P&A

Solvenz Launches Assured P&A, a First-of-Its-Kind Insurance Services and Finance Platform with a Focus on Plugging Oil and Gas Wells in the U.S. and Canada Financial strength for Assured P&A’s insurance products is rated “A+” Standard & Poor’s, “AA-” Fitch and “A” from A.M. Best. Assured P&A will provide services to oil and gas operators…

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Solvenz Energy & Petroleum Asset-Backed Lending Program

The Solvenz Group announces the launch of Solvenz Energy & Petroleum (Solvenz E&P), asset-backed lending platform operating in the US and Canada. Solvenz E&P, through its bankruptcy-remote special purpose series of companies will provide non-recourse financing and are underwriting collateral in the form of Proved Developed Producing (PDP), Proved Developed Non-Producing (PDNP), and Proved Undeveloped…

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