Experts in
the visual medium


We are the fastest growing provider of luxury home photography, video and aerial footage to America’s most demanding Realtors®

HomeKlix is proud to be able to offer a full range of luxury photography to our Realtor® clients.

Our professional photographers and videographers share an ability to distill and extract the essence of a home through their lens. To discover, then reveal, a home’s soul.

Their instinct for detail, nuance and singularity are the elements that engage interest and distinguish one home from all others.

Founded by advertising veterans of one of the oldest and most successful agencies in the Southeastern United States, we operate more like a creative boutique than a volume-based photo or video shop.

We are, quite consciously, interested in working with clients who recognize, and will not accept less, than the highest quality home photographs, videos and aerial footage.

That said, you will be happy to learn that what we charge for photographs, videos and aerial footage, comparable in quality to those you’re viewing on this website, represents excellent value at a still affordable price.

We cordially invite you to discover the HomeKlix difference and, from this point on, Picture it Sold!