U.S.-based Solvenz announces the development of three state-of-the-art data centers with a mark-to-market valuation of $4.05Bn.

U.S.-based Solvenz announces the development of three state-of-the-art data centers with a projected mark-to-market valuation of $4.05Bn. This will mark the beginning of a series of planned eco-friendly data centers with the potential to reach circa 1.3GW of critical IT. The company is considering site locations across the country, with final selections and details to be announced in the coming days.

Solvenz has prioritized its development with an eco-friendly infrastructure featuring 400Gb/s fiber and power redundancies and immersion cooling technology, which underpins cost-effective scaling capabilities.

Our data centers are engineered to handle high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads at scale,” Richard McCrea, the Director of North America Operations at Solvenz, said.

The company says it is committed to building eco-friendly "green" designs that will ensure the sustainability of its data centers well into the future. It is also dedicated to supporting the state and local communities.

"We have been investing in the energy markets for the past 12 years, with a primary focus on power generation, energy resources, and proven reserves, and are highly optimistic about the growth potential of the data center asset class.” Richard McCrea goes on to say, “As a part of our commitment to sustainability and longevity, we are using data center heat waste reuse processes to heat greenhouses year-round, producing garden-grade fruits and vegetables for food banks and pantries. We are in discussion with state leaders and respected education non-profits to fulfill our commitment to giving back to the community. Our data center businesses will offer scholarships, grants, and educational onsite training facilities to help students and families receive the best education possible, wherever that education is provided.”

Fred Klipsch, Founder of the Institute for Quality Education and Chairman of Ed Choice, says, “The future of K-12 education in Indiana is individualized learning.” Fred goes on to say, “We want Indiana to be a model state that ensures that every student can get an education that works best for them.”

Solvenz has partnered with established data center engineers and industrial electrical equipment OEMs to broaden its critical infrastructure resources and develop a strategic plan for the longevity and sustainability of its data center investments.

Hypertec Construction, a subsidiary of Hypertec, Solvenz's data center engineer, architect, and builder, is an award-winning global technology OEM and leader in sustainable IT solutions that recently announced the completion of an upgrade for the world's largest and greenest immersion-cooled supercomputer. This supercomputer's technology and Hypertec’s Trident line of immersion-born servers are the foundation for eco-friendly, high-performance computing cooling technology that Solvenz will look to deploy in its data centers.

Eliot Ahdoot, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer at Hypertec, emphasized: "In today's rapidly advancing technology landscape, sustainability isn't merely an option; it's imperative. Our collaboration with Solvenz is a testament to this commitment. Throughout the construction process, we will integrate state-of-the-art, eco-friendly solutions into the core of their data centers, leveraging our expertise in providing hyper-efficient immersion cooling server solutions. This partnership isn't just about keeping pace and leading the charge towards a more sustainable technological frontier. By prioritizing sustainability, we're not simply building for the present but laying the groundwork for a greener, more resilient future.”

For server cooling solutions, Solvenz turns to Submer, a best-in-class provider of single-phase immersion cooling. Submer’s SmartPods set the industry standard with an impressive 140 kW per SmartPod. In contrast to the global average PUE, which typically ranges between 1.6 and 1.9 for rack densities of just 17 kW, Submer’s technology enables a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) between 1.03 and 1.1. Solvenz's partnership with Submer ensures the deployment of the most efficient and future-proofed cooling technology available with even larger-scale immersion cooling products in the R&D phase.

Patrick Smets, CEO of Submer, an industry-leading OEM of next-generation server cooling technology, says, "Submer is thrilled to partner with Solvenz on this groundbreaking deployment, aligning seamlessly with our core values of maximum efficiency and sustainability at every level of the data center. This project marks the beginning of our collaborative efforts in 2024 as we continue to pioneer innovative solutions that redefine industry standards for eco-friendly computing."

Solvenz has teamed up with JLL, a Fortune 500 global real estate services company engaged in market advisory, leasing, and marketing properties with decades of experience in data platforms. JLL has been instrumental in helping Solvenz navigate the data center industry, connecting them with end-users who share common goals.

Joe Smurdon, Executive Managing Director at JLL leading the leasing team, says, “JLL is proud to be working with Solvenz and this impressive slate of best-in-class partners who are creating data center campuses focused on heat regulation and carbon capture. Considering the massive amounts of energy required to successfully power modern data centers, this opportunity presents an immediate path to power and flexibility to accommodate a number of diverse data center users, including hyperscalers, AI, and co-location operators.”

Richard McCrea, at Solvenz, comments, “We are excited about our partnership and collaboration with Hypertec, JLL, and Submer as we set out to reset the data center status quo. We remain committed to a cost-effective, eco-friendly, future-proof infrastructure by utilizing immersion process servers engineered to pair with cooling solutions that support the underlying framework of its high-density designs that are readily configurable to meet any level of hyperscaler and colocation end-user specifications.” Richard McCrea continues, “We want to be as flexible as possible and remain sensitive to our end-user infrastructure requests and understand that certain configurations are not one-size-fits-all, so we are taking an open canvas approach and can facilitate any cooling methodology with our core focus on density, sustainability, and energy-efficient immersion cooling solutions.”

Solvenz is positioned to reach the market quickly and is reaffirming its commitment to an asset class experiencing exponential growth.

ABOUT SOLVENZ: The U.S.-based Solvenz Group of Companies was formed in 2008 with initiatives to de-risk investments in alternative asset classes in domestic and foreign territories. The Solvenz Group of Companies and its regulated investment funds in Luxembourg are poised for strong growth and are continually expanding their reach into other esoteric asset classes. Solvenz currently attributes its success and growth to rigorous analytical studies and effective de-risking processes.

Source: Solvenz